Moving stuff around

I've used Blinklist as my main social bookmarking site almost from its beginning. I like it. it allows me to do things no other bookmark manager does, in particular , formatting text in the content section and including hyperlinks, very useful. But I fear the time has come to move. The service has been erratic of late (I can't log in at the moment, for instance) and is completely flooded with spam. On average, over 90% of the bookmarks on its public page is spam. Which leads me to wonder just how many non-spammmers are using the service.

Given that bookmark sites are notoriously vulnerable and can suddenly disappear I decided to export my bookmarks to another site. I chose Magnolia. I've looked at it before and decided it wasn't quite ready but it has improved enormously since its early beta days and there seems to be a fair number of well known web names using it (which has to be a good recommendation).

I've changed the feeds in the sidebar and in the newspages to pull in from Magnolia. This is a seamless change but the RSS links will still point to Blinklist for a while as the imported bookmarks are headline only, with no content. Things should be up to speed in a day or two.

If you're looking for a bookmark site check out Magnolia. It's very good looking, the support is excellent and it has some really useful features.