Where are all the coppers?

The Policeman's Blog
...This from the department that wants me to supervise each form before the end of each shift, fold them all lengthways so that I can then scan them both sides. Once scanned I send them on an email as an attachment but no more than 6 on each email - so that's only 3 forms per email.....oh, that is after I have gone to another office to get the scanner receipt so I can send proof that I have done it - then I can take all the forms to the mail tray in the front office with the envelopes marked up as 'STOPS Forms' enclosing no other paperwork but remembering to retain the receipt.

Good job I have no real police work to do. Did I mention that we have to photocopy them too - both sides - although the forms are bigger than A4 so we have to use A3 and cut them down.

Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghh hhhhhhh!!!