Dr Fu

seti_drd: Futurama vs. Doctor Who
Yay! Picspam again! Another example of how much two shows that have nothing to do with each other can still feel and look the same.  So, you ask how can you compare an animated show like Futurama with something like Doctor Who? Well, as I'll show you, there are some striking similarities. I sometimes wonder if the writers of both shows are smoking the same thing. It's time for the ultimate comparison!
Zoidberg vs. the Ood, or: "I took the liberty of fertilizing your caviar." vs. "Would you like sauce with that?" Futurama wins. Woopwoopwoop!

Bender vs. Cybermen. Both want to kill all the humans, if both drink large amounts of alcohol remains unsure. Both have a shiny metal ass. Tie.