The hero, the rogue - and the love triangle that caused feathers to fly
Faced with a flighty female and some serious doubts over paternity, the anger of the jealous male knows no bounds. How would a man feel if he had just returned home to Scotland from a long sojourn in Africa only to find that his wife had given birth to two offspring that were clearly not his own, given that he had been abroad for so long?
On a more serious note.

This happened to thousands of men, including my father, during the second world war. I've talked to many men of that generation who told similar stories of coming home to find pregnant wives or unexplained children.

Most of them accepted it as part of life, particularly in war time, and got on with bringing up the children as their own.

Some were ignorant of the true paternity of their offspring but that's nothing new, as repeated studies have shown.

Even Mary and Joseph had problems...