And eat your rationed food properly - Yet another bonkers dame

Prue Leith:  There would be fewer Asbos if more families ate together
Prue Leith, the grande dame of British cookery and now head of the School Food Trust, is happy to be seen as the nation's nanny. "I've become so bossy," she says. "I always was bossy but now I really want to rule the world." Since taking over the Government's campaign for healthy eating a year ago, the 67-year-old chef has travelled all over the country persuading schools to give up chips. For her, the aim is as much cultural as nutritional. She does not just want children to acquire a taste for fruit and veg - she wants them to learn some table manners too. "They should sit down and eat properly with a knife and fork. Everyone thinks this is just a food problem and it's not, it's a social cohesion problem."
Fuck off back in the kitchen you daft old bint!