Stupid and sadistic, what a combination!

Special Needs Teens Given Electric Shocks After Hoax
Two teenagers were given electric shocks by staff at a special needs school on the orders of a crank caller, it has emerged. One of the vulnerable youngsters needed treatment for first-degree burns. Seven staff at the controversial centre have now been sacked...Staff at the Judge Rotenberg Education Centre, near Boston, had received a phone call ordering the punishment for the youngsters who, the caller falsely stated, had been misbehaving.

A report released to authorities in Massachusetts said the caller was a former resident with detailed knowledge of the staff, residents, and layout of the home. No motive was given.The centre is believed to be the only school in the US that uses two-second skin-shock punishments to change destructive behaviour. It has survived two attempts by the state to close it over allegations that its unorthodox methods amount to abuse.
Who runs this place? They should be tied to a chair and cattle-prodded until they promise never to have anything to do with the care of children again.