Pool hustler

This is Richie, 27, from Chichester, UK. He was trying for a big break but got a nasty kick on the red.

Here's his YouTube profile:

I am just me! I love fast cars and would love to drive a fast car on a program like top gear, so if anybody can get me on then i'll love you forever! I am also a singer/songwriter and would love to perform in a massive venue! I have no arms and have cycled accross the usa twice for charity, also trecked through africa with the bbc, and saved a man from drowning when i was 15! I live alone and currently drive a mitsubishi pajero turbo but want something faster! I recently owned a nissan skyline gts turbo which was a fab car but i needed a car to tow with! hopefully i will get to show you how i drive with my feet soon! but i need to find a cameraman/woman!! haha