Very anal(ytical)

Political Betting - “Bloomberg Brown Review Index” cause Gord trouble?
U.K. Schools Secretary Ed Balls announced four reviews into government policy, taking the tally of government studies announced since Gordon Brown became Prime Minister to 31.

In a speech to Parliament, Balls set out plans for inquiries into sexual education, the junior school curriculum, child mental health and special-needs education. Before today, Brown and his ministers had already established at least 27 studies into different policy areas.

Reviews were a hallmark of Brown's decade as Chancellor of the Exchequer, when he ordered long-term research into issues ranging from health to climate change. Since becoming prime minister in June, he has increased the volume of the studies, averaging more than one a week, providing ammunition to opponents who are urging him to make decisions.
I suppose it could be argued that Brown's approach is no worse than Blair's habit of 'off the cuff' policy making. But Brown is a typical 'analytic'. When I was a salesman I steered clear of such prospective customers because they are almost always impossible to sell to. And even if they end up buying they take up so much of your time and effort that you are much better avoiding them altogether and concentrating on more promising candidates.

Analytics are the people who always have a notebook out when the salesman calls. They have a pile of brochures, every report on the product, copies of Which? magazine and they intend to check out 200 companies before making a decision. They want to know every technical detail. They think of themselves as experts who are not going to be conned into a decision by some flashy salesman. It wouldn't matter if all this analysis produced better results for the customer but it doesn't. Buying is an emotional decision, even for deeply anal people. It's just that these types justify their buying decision by reference to the extensive research they've carried out, convinced that they - unlike the mass of ignorant, uninformed punters out there - have made a completely rational choice.