Good ideas, well presented

Making Sense Of New Technologies And Media
Breaking technology news, the latest app, scores of startups launching in beta every day. The incoming wave of technology and media related news keeps increasing by the day with no signs of pause or slowdown. And while many blogs and news sites give plenty of coverage and space to the latest and most promising ventures, very few devote their time to make sense of all that is happening and connecting the dots of the ongoing revolution we are witnessing.
Robin Good republishes some thoughts of elearning and new technology author George Siemens. These are interesting in themselves but check out the difference in the way the material is presented.

On Siemens's blog the ideas appear as individual text-only posts and look rather dull, with a grey background and slightly darker grey text in a small, serif font. Robin Good republishes the same material but in a much more presentable form making the very same ideas seem far more interesting.

There is a lesson here for all those bloggers who think content trumps everything else.

Only if it gets read, dear hearts, only if it gets read.

I'm often surprised when I check a post in my RSS reader (where I have control over the presentational style) and then visit the blog or website and realize just how poorly presented and difficult to read the same post is in its original form.