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Exposed: How Sir Ian Blair tried to block probe into de Menezes shooting

Say what you like about The Daily Mail but I can't fault it's coverage of the IPCC report into the de Menezes shooting:

  • Sir Ian Blair was responsible for "much of the avoidable difficulty" in the IPCC's investigation because he chose to delay the start of their probe. 
  • Six people left the flats before Jean Charles de Menezes but none were stopped due to insufficient resources being in place.
  • Commander Cressida Dick missed the start of a key briefing after being given incorrect information about where it was being held.
  • Operation Kratos, Scotland Yard's shoot to kill policy, had not been deployed on the day of the shooting, but officers believed it has been
  • Eight police officers on the platform or train at Stockwell Tube station said they had shouted "armed police" but not one of 17 civilian witnesses recalled hearing it.
  • Police surveillance log was altered to suggest that officers did not think Mr de Menezes was suicide suspect Hussain Osman. Forensic tests showed that the word 'not' had been inserted after the entry was written.
  • As Mr de Menezes travelled to Stockwell, police had 30 minutes to identify him but failed to do so. • No contingency plans to deal with a suspect travelling on public transport despite the nature of the 7/7 and 21/7 attacks.