It's not as if they were seal cubs or anything...

Finnish school shooting: self-loathing goes global | spiked
Online, Auvinen (the 18 year old killer) went by the name Sturmgeist89. In the various YouTube videos and the 1,000-word manifesto that have been credited to him, he sent out a straightforward message. He declared that ‘not all human lives are important or worth saving’. In one video he wore a t-shirt that said ‘Humanity is overrated’.

This chilling slogan does not come from some violent Hollywood movie or gangsta rap track - which are usually blamed for sending young people off the rails - but rather from the critically-acclaimed US drama House, in which British actor Hugh Laurie plays a cynical doctor who works in the field of infectious diseases. Indeed, you can buy ‘Humanity is overrated’ t-shirts from the House website here. (Update: It's since been removed from sale -MrP)

Auvinen described himself as an ‘anti-human humanist’ - he must have known that this sentiment would resonate with many of his peers who, like schoolchildren across Europe, will likely have been educated to hate themselves and their fellow human beings; to see humanity as something of a plague on the planet, which is how one leading British intellectual describ us.