'I'm the one paying for the bandwidth and I bore easily'

Dennis The Peasant on mouth breathers and room-temperature IQ levels

Dennis doesn't give a fuck, that's why I love his blog. He is also funny which, for a Republican accountant ain't bad! He is also on record as having very little time for bloggers, blog readers and blog commenters - which might seem a strange position for a blogger (with comments enabled) to take but I know exactly where he's coming from.
Here he is on why he closed down comments on his last two posts:

There seems to be this widely held belief that if you repeat the arguments you made four years ago, verbatim, to the same group of people who didn't buy them then, the magical Argument Fairy will suddenly appear and allow you to carry any and all arguments on any and all topics.

...it is getting increasingly difficult to have an intelligent conversation about anything while you're in the political blogosphere. When you stray from the room-temperature IQ "You're Bad!/I'm Good! dichotomy that dominates just about every site worth mentioning, it seems a large percentage of folks just cannot cope with the vastness of the intellectual horizons that open before them.

...no matter how you try, you're going to end up with a certain percentage of mouth-breathers showing up in your comments section. But much of the rest of it comes from people who take their sense of self-importance to Jerk levels. They're the ones who hijack a thread because what they have to say is just too damned important to wait for the appropriate moment...

Adding to the fun is fact that because what these I'm-going-to-save-the-world-before-bedtime types have to say is just too damned important to wait, they also tend to pay absolutely no attention to what anyone else is saying that doesn't feed their need to spout. So there really isn't even an attempt at having a meaningful debate. It's more like Monty Python's Argument Clinic sketch updated for our times. Only without the humor.