Hey, it doesn't look half bad actually.

Minister proposes a redesign for the union flag

When I first read this I thought, more bollocks from Hodge but actually I think this looks pretty cool:

The culture minister, Margaret Hodge, has said she will consider a redesign of the union flag to incorporate the Welsh dragon. Her surprising commitment was made in the Commons during a debate on the frequency with which the union flag flies above public buildings. The discussions on a new flag design bring a new dimension to Gordon Brown's debate about Britishness. Hodge told MPs: "The Welsh dragon was not included on the union flag, as the principality of Wales was already united with England by 1606 when the first union flag was created. I can assure all MPs that the issue of the design of the union flag will be considered. As the current flag is formed by merging three heraldic crosses representing the three kingdoms of the UK, the original design was a challenge.