Compassion and sympathy

Langham says child porn viewings compassionate
The comedy actor Chris Langham today claimed he was being "compassionate and sympathetic" when he looked at the child porn that put him in prison. The Bafta award-winner, who was released early from jail last week, denied he had any sexual interest in children but admitted looking at the images was "completely wrong".
Claimed today? Look, he made this claim at his trial, in fact it was the basis of his defence. But after listening to all the evidence and to Langham's testimony the jury (which at the same trial aquited him of having sex with an underage girl) simply didn't believe him. Now he's using his fame and contacts to revisit the trial and put an entirely different spin on events. In my book that makes him a more reprehensible individual that I thought he was. He is saying now that he 'contemplated suicide' but at his trial he said on oath - "I just wanted to die and I tried to kill myself". There is a difference between thinking about topping yourself and actually trying to do it.  Clearly, Langham has a problem with telling the 'whole truth'.