Lord So-High-Up-His-Own-Arse-It-Hurts

More support for my belief that most blogging is bollocks:

I'm assuming that the post, at Nourishing Obscurity, and the comment below are serious and this isn't some sort of  joke:
Where does that leave me personally, vis a vis homosexuality? In the late 70s I was actually in the gay scene, went to the parties although I'm straight myself and generally got along with the community fine. It was a passing phase and family then called.

Where does that leave homosexuals themselves? For a start, they're not going to take any notice of me other than to vilify me but for what it's worth, may I give an analogy.

I need a cool room to live in and can't even stand a beach on a hot day. There are other people like me but not many. It's a great problem over here where people switch the heating up full bore in flats in winter and that precludes me visiting the majority of people.

However, I'm certainly not going onto the streets to fight for Cool Rights or to get government to legislate against anyone who tries to stop me turning the heating down. They're the majority so that's the way it goes. The few who are like me can visit me and me them.

I'm not going into schools to tell children that Cool Rooms in winter are just as good as Warm just to make myself feel better about it. It has nothing to do with Tutu like "tolerance". It's an aberration and I just live with it.

I still get on famously with Warm Roomers and we can meet in cafes and have a laugh [as long as I can be near the door]. In conversation, where do I get off if I try to push the idea that Cool Rooms are just as good as Warm in winter - of course they're not but for me they're a necessity. That's all.

Now my mate and his girlfriend who can't stand being in a Cool Room - what if they start mocking and calling me Iceberger or something rude like 'shrivel-d--k'? Well, they cease to be friends.

What if a gang of thugs beat me up for being a 'filfthy Iceberger'? That's a police matter and I'll prosecute. What if kids in school have been learning that Icebergers are sickos? Yep - that literature needs changing. But not to the point of telling them that Cool Roomers are normal.

In other words, there are certain realities and we live with them. There are some things which are wrong and we change them. But we don't tell lies about it as a reaction against years of anguish.
And more support for my belief that most comments are shite:
Welshcakes Limoncello says ...Well, I don't really know what to say but I'll have a go: I don't have enough biological knowledge to be able to comment on choice/disorder. But wasn't it at some point convenient for the survival of the species for there to be some non-reproducing males and females? I do take your linguistic point about "along with / irrespective of" but I can't see where that leaves the Church. I'm not sure anyone is 100% hetero or homosexual. In some cases it surely depends on circumstances and whom you meet? I think it comes down to "living as a minority" again: ie, you have rights to express your sexuality as you wish, provided it harms no one else but you do not have a right to impose that lifestyle on others. Your "cold" analogy is excellent. But I'm still uneasy with what I find myself saying here..
Too much time on your hands can be a terrible thing (mostly for other poor fuckers). Oooh, I bet the MSM are crapping themselves!