"When a new technology reduces costs by 90%, it cannot be stopped" - Peter Drucker

Ron Paul vs. the Gatekeepers by Gary North
On November 5, Guy Fawkes Day, a privately run Web site took in over $4 million for Ron Paul’s presidential campaign. In one day. Dr. Paul had not organized this. This was 100% word of mouse. The Establishment news media were stunned – almost speechless. This was impossible, as far as they were concerned. This was completely unprecedented in American political history. They do not understand what is going on. A revolution is going on.

The word "revolution" is used all the time. Occasionally, it is accurately applied. This time, it is. The Internet really does constitute a revolution. This revolution is based on two factors: a new technology and unprecedented price competition. There has never been price competition like this in the field of communication. Digits that can be viewed as images – words, pictures, and videos, with audio files thrown in for good measure – are delivered instantaneously on demand (or even without it: spam) without paper, printing costs, or postage costs. The primary limit on communication today is the time cost of reading.

This technological reality is creating nightmares for Establishments in every nation. Why? Because the cost of access to voters is now limited to time and marketing creativity. It is not limited by either space or mass. This has never happened before in recorded history. For over four centuries, the structure of Establishment rule has rested on one assumption above all others: the high cost of delivering images to large numbers of people. This assumption has become increasingly ludicrous ever since 1996.