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Shoeboxed Heads Into Social Shopping
Receipt organization service Shoeboxed has moved into social shopping with a relaunched site that introduces the concept of “receipt flaunting.” At the basic level, Shoeboxed allows users to organize all their e-mail and paper receipts, providing a cut-down accounting style package for those looking for basic spend-tracking as opposed to a full blown accounting program such as Quicken. With the new release, users can now organize the items contained in their receipts, add photos to those items, and share them with Shoeboxed’s community of shoppers. Embracing the social side of shopping, users can now give feedback to other users about their items.
I'm really not much into the 'social' side of social software but I can see that for a lot of people (mostly much younger than I am) it's an important part of the way they organize their lives. But why the fuck would anyone want to log, list, collate, photograph and post the details of what they buy and display the results to friends and the 'wider social community'? Is this a woman thing? I just don't get it. Jeez, I must be getting old.