Black cookware and all that...

Bruce Anderson
Mr Brown's character flaws have been chronicled by Tom Bower, but also by Alastair Campbell, Jonathan Powell and Andrew Turnbull, who all worked closely with him, as well as in scores of anonymous briefings by ministerial colleagues.

All these witnesses portray a gloomy, obsessive, profoundly selfish and insufferably ill-tempered man, wholly unfitted for the stresses of high office.

Character analysis by Alastair Campbell?! I nearly fell off my chair.

Of course, Anderson is a complete buffoon. Here's some more guff from his article.

On Brown's visit to Basra:

"It is worth dwelling on that episode, which is probably the most immoral act ever committed by a Prime Minister. "

Or this:

"When the history of these years comes to be written, last week's Tory Conference will emerge as a fateful event. It may have been the most important party conference in political history, and no party leader has ever delivered a more successful speech than Mr Cameron did on Wednesday. He took an awesome gamble by speaking without an autocue for over an hour." 
(emphasis mine)

What utter bollocks. This man gets PAID for his political insights? Jeez! And if I hear another mention of Cameron speaking for an hour without an autocue (I just heard it yet again on TV) I'll SCREAM!

The leader of the opposition speaks with just some outline notes for an hour and for this 'awesome' task he must now me accorded status as a great leader. Well I've stood on a stage and spoken for an hour (several times) without autocue or notes and with the added pressure of having to be funny. It's called a performance and you can see it being done by hundreds of people up and down the country every night of the week. Big fucking deal!