Dennis is back

Dennis The Peasant on Michelle Malkin's exit from Fox:

Hey… We're One Bimbo Lighter!
Anyone who watched her for any length of time had to notice that beyond pleasant looks (sic!) and a fairly good voice, Malkin didn't have what it took to make it on talk television. She was argumentative to a fault, utterly humorless, and had real trouble managing conversations and guests... largely because she had major problems thinking on her feet. All of that combined to make her ripe for a cancelled in-less-than-a-season type of failure on the only cable news network anyone actually watches.

Michelle isn't the brightest thing on two feet, but she is nothing if not commercially attuned. And she does have an ego. My take is that once she'd figured out she didn't have the Right Stuff, she looked around for a way out that didn't drive home the obvious fact that she stunk. And wouldn't you know it, along comes loogie hockin' Geraldo Rivera... all fat, dumb and happy. Michelle then had everything she needed to beat a strategic retreat while waving the flag of victorious outrage to the faithful.
Dennis, my favourite blogger, has returned and now he's ON SPEED!, well, sort of.