Only one in fifteen BBC employees 'liberal' shock!

ConservativeHome's ToryDiary: There are eleven times more 'liberals' at the BBC than 'conservatives'
This is a great piece of work. It's clear proof that the BBC is liberal and all self-declared. This research (sic) will be quoted for years to come. (sic)
Well done Conservativehome.
Anthony Broderick

My first response was, so what? But of course this piece isn't about BBC employees it's about BBC employees who have posted a profile on Facebook and who have specified their political stance as 'liberal, moderate or conservative'.

Leaving aside the fact that Facebook is a US run site and the words 'liberal' and 'conservative' mean entirely different things over there which may well deter people from calling themselves 'conservative' (or 'liberal' come to that - I'm not sure what a 'moderate' is exactly) we find that 1,340 employees on Facebook refer to themselves as 'liberal'. That's just under 13% of BBC Facebook members and about 6.7% of all BBC employees. Which proves what exactly? Sweet fuck all.