Great news!

'Worrying' HIV ignorance in young
Nine in 10 young people rarely or never think about HIV when making decisions over their sex lives, a BBC poll shows. The findings from a survey of 1,500 people comes as the BBC and Terrence Higgins Trust launch a two-month UK campaign to raise awareness about HIV...Experts believe the 16 to 24 age group have a lax attitude as they missed out on the big HIV campaigns of the 1980s.
Ah yes, the ad campaigns which tried to show women as potentially HIV infected sirens ready to spread deadly disease to any unsuspecting young man with an erection, despite the fact that (excluding intravenous drug users and women from sub-Saharan Africa) the chances of getting infected from having vaginal sex was virtually nil.

How wonderful that sexually active young people aren't walking around worrying about getting HIV. It will never be like it was in my younger days, that golden sexual era between the widespread availability of The Pill and the onset of the AIDS epidemic, but at least its a slap in the face for the sex-with-fear mongers.

The truth is that in the UK HIV is still predominatly a disease affecting male homosexuals, IV drug users and people from Sub-Saharan Africa (or sexually active visitors to that region). Amongst young British heterosexuals 99.99% are completely free of HIV infection. These people could fuck each other stupid from now to kingdom come and there wouldn't be a single extra case of HIV. Young people are at greater risk of dying from alcoholic poisoning while out on the pull than from any sexually transmitted 'plague'.

But keep wearing those condoms (even though sex with a condom is like washing your feet with your socks on) not to save you from deadly disease but to save you from the deadly phrase which sent shivers down the spines of young men back in the sixties... 'I'm late'.