Maybe bigotry is genetic? (Or even long-windedness!)

Ministry of Truth: Defending Jim Watson
Some of Watson’s ‘off the cuff’ comments will understandably make people feel queasy and, in places, there is the smack of the prejudices of an old man about them, but that shouldn’t be allowed to distract us from the fact that the questions he poses about race, genetics and intelligence are essentially valid ones and ones that can be addressed by scientific inquiry. He is there to be proved wrong, and I rather expect that he hopes that that is what will happen.
Jim?! Is Unity on intimate terms with the man? Maybe, anyway Unity feels the need, as do some other bloggers, to defend the silly old Nobel laureate against attacks of racism. Once again Unity provides one of his tediously long-winded blogposts in which we end up (having reached the state of losing the will to live) far, far from the real point of it all which is this:

Watson's past achievements mean absolutely nothing when it comes to assessing his comments on race. He is now not so much a geneticist as a eugenicist. He's been spouting this crap for years, from suggesting aborting 'gay' foetesus to the hope of future genetic screening to weed out the 'stupid'. From his belief that women are less intelligent than men (something to do with brain size) to rehashing that age old fear that grips the heart of so many American white males - the sexually rampant 'nigger' with the big, black cock. Now he opines that Africa is a basket case because its inhabitants are stoopid.

Should he be banned? Hell no. I oppose all forms of censorship and everyone should be free to make themselves look foolish in public (isn't that the main purpose of blogging, after all?). But let's not get too upset about all this. It's not as if there's a giant academic conspiracy to  deny us the real genetic truths out there, you know, stupid blacks, dopey wimmin and those fucking poofs.

You want to defend free speech? Great! But there are plenty of far more worthy causes out there than this silly, delusional old cunt.

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