Never mind terrorists

Errors caused infection outbreak

A report has found a "litany" of errors in an NHS Trust's poor handling of the infection clostridium difficile, which resulted in 90 deaths... Failings included a "targets obsession" and staff shortages so dire that nurses told patients to "go in their beds"... The Healthcare Commission concluded that C.difficile was definitely or probably the main cause of death for 90 patients. It was definitely a contributing factor in the deaths of a further 124, and a probable factor in another 55... The trust's chief executive, Rose Gibb, resigned last week.
And we worry about Islamic terrorists? The NHS kills off more people every year in the UK than died in the 9/11 attacks. Ms Gibb is unlikely to face any kind of prosecution (although there has been talk of possible manslaughter charges, we'll see).

Health Secretary Alan Johnson is interviewed on Today about what is being done to improve hospital hygiene standards. Listen to the streaming audio here: