Kalm down dear

Friends in high places.

Ellee Seymour
A week ago I wrote here about the disgraceful service I was experiencing from Tech Guys, who have had my laptop for two months and failed in that time to replace its broken screen or communicate with me what was happening. My experience with them was a nightmare.

Little did I know that it would end up being investigated by Lord Kalms (pic)himself. He is the life president and former chairman of DSG International which owns Dixons, Currys, The Link and PC World outlets. Tech Guys are based in PC World, as well as other outlets.

Unknown to me, my difficulty was brought to his attention by Iain Dale after he read my disgruntled post. I was amazed when I received this email early yesterday (7.17am) from Lord Kalms’ PA
For those without a link to Lord Kalms here's my computer buying advice.

1) Keep away from high street outlets (except John lewis).
2) Get an extended at-home service contract .
3) Buy a Mac.
4) Have a 16 year old son who can strip and rebuild a computer in his sleep!