Phil McCavity

I need a couple of troublesome back teeth extracted.

They've been giving me gip for ages but I keep putting off getting them sorted. It's not that I fear going to the dentist, I've been that many times it really doesn't bother me. I even had a tooth out some years ago without anaesthetic, not very nice.

Yesterday I decided to do something about my nagging tooth pain. I opened Yellow Pages and rang the very first dentist on the list (who also happens to be conveniently close to my house) and spoke to a very pleasant young lady who told me to pop around on Saturday morning to have the offending nashers removed, total cost £30.  That's a private charge. The cost under the NHS is actually £43.60, although that covers X-rays, 'advice' and a scale and polish, if required. So, overall, a bargain really. On reflection, I do hope that £30 includes novacaine! Ouch!