Marathon Man

I return to the dentist exactly a week after the extractions. One of them is giving me gip. Real gip -  swelling, tenderness, pain and earache. I suspect an infection. I'm right. 'Dry socket' says the dentist as he proceeds to poke about. Not funny! Now it really bloody hurts. He packs the socket with an antiseptic wad and writes out a prescription for antibiotics.  I start to get the taste of cloves. A gentle numbing spreads around my gum. Marathon Man!

Unlike wounds to the skin, where a clot forms and healing occurs from the outside of the clot inwards, the mouth works the opposite way. A clot forms and healing starts at the centre and works outwards. If the clot is dislodged for any reason another one doesn't form (no bleeding) and so the bone is exposed (a dry socket) and prone to infection.

It's been nine hours now but already the antiseptic and antibiotics are having an effect. It could take ten days to get everything healed up nicely but at least I won't feel quite as shite as I did last week.