Lets call it the Appintosh Macle!

Following on from my

recent little post

about one of Will's college lecturers I have this gem. 

In a discussion about Apple and the Macintosh computer another of his lecturers (this is a guy Will likes and seems to be quite good in general) claimed that they came about when a Mr Apple and a Mr Macintosh pooled their ideas and formed a computer company!!

And NO, he most definitely


having a laugh.

I give up.

PS: Will is on a full-time computer course.

PPS: Meanwhile in the real world Will gets kudos for a Leopard patch he's updated and posted on various sites and forums and which is being furiously downloaded by thousands of appreciative users around the world. And sorry but no, I won't be giving any more details or a link because, let's just say, it's all a little bit 'dodgy'. He, he.