Good Samaritan

I was on my way back from the surgery this morning and popped into my local shop to pick up some milk and a bottle of orange Lucozade. A young woman came in and asked the owner if he had a pair of pliers or something similar because she had broken her key off in the lock to her door just up the road. It was the lock on a communal door to six flats, so she was panicking somewhat. This being Aberdeen, there was not a rush from anyone in the store to help the poor lady so I said, 'give me a couple of minutes and I'll fetch some tools and take a look'.

I thought I would be able to grap the broken piece of key and pull it out and the job would be done in seconds but I really should have known better. The broken key end was not sticking out at all and so it was impossible to get a purchase on it. One possibility would have been to try blu-tack (or chewing gum) and as I was contemplating returning to the house to get some another tenant opened the door from the inside.

Now that I had access to the other side of the door I decided to take the lock off and remove the barrel to see if I could dislodge the bit of key and, indeed, after removing 3 wood screws and two machine screws and giving the barrel a sharp tap on the pavement that is what I managed to do. Then I put the lock back together and all was well.  At this point, in spite of my protestations,  the young woman insisted on rewarding me and we returned to the shop where she bought me a nice bottle of wine.

By then it was 10-45 and I realised that I had missed my hairdressing appointment, which was booked for 10-30. On the rare occasions that I miss my appointment I always pay the girl the fee anyway and re-book - she has, after all, lost a slot where she might have earned some money. So I popped in to the salon, apologised and left ten quid on the counter.

So the upshot of my good deed is that I spent 30 minutes fixing a lock, gained a £5 -95 bottle of Cabernet Shiraz and lost a tenner!  £4-05 out of pocket. :) 

It was worth it though just to hear an attractive young woman call me her 'hero'!