Friends and colleagues

Had a long telephone chat with an old friend from Kent. Haven't spoken to him for ages but we jumped straight in where we had left off and I haven't laughed so much since I got to this rather humourless city last year.

My friend passed on some sad news though. A guy

(see left)

I helped out last year died a short time ago. I knew he was terminally ill with cancer of the pancreas and the last time I spoke to him he was very weak. We sort of said our farewells then without actually acknowledging it. He was a nice guy and he said he was sorry we hadn't met up a lot earlier because we worked together so well. He thanked me for the help and support I gave him while he was feeling poorly (although he didn't know what was wrong with him at the time).  His last words to me were "get yourself checked out regularly, Mike. Spend the money and have a scan done every year. Look after yourself".

RIP my old mucker.  Paul Oliver 1946 - 2007