ER at BR

I was at Aberdeen railway station earlier this evening  when I spotted an elderly gent appear to stumble. I grabbed him just as he started to collapse and quickly realised that something was seriously wrong. A couple of coppers came over and we got him into the recovery position just as a young woman arrived and announced that she was a doctor! She started to loosen his clothing to try and make him more comfortable. Of course, being an old timer, he had a shirt and tie, a pullover, a vest, a jacket and an overcoat. While she was trying to undo some of these garments the doctor realised that the guy had stopped breathing and so we turned him on his back to begin mouth to mouth. He almost immediately arrested and we struggled to get his clothes quickly undone. I did my 'Trauma' bit by ripping his shirt and vest open and the doc gave mouth to mouth while one of the officers did cardiac compressions.
I can do CPR but there were others about who were probably more proficient than I am and, to be frank, the scene reminded me of my mother's heart attack in the street when heroic attempts at resuscitation completely failed to save her. I didn't feel like going through that again. I stepped back and looked at the guy, probably in his eighties, and thought to myself 'I don't think you're going to make it, old timer'. Another member of the public took over the compressions and after a few minutes the patient started breathing and his pulse returned. Just at this point his wife appeared.  She had arrived at the station to collect her husband only to find him lying on the ground surrounded by strangers.  Fortunately, by this time he was breathing on his own and lying in the recovery position with an ambulance on it's way.  I said my goodbyes and left.

I hope the old timer recovers fully. He's over the first hurdle - about half of all heart attack victims die before even reaching hospital - but he's certainly not out of the woods.  I tried ringing A&E to see how he was but I gave up after several attempts. Aberdeen's main hospital and you can't get anyone to pick up the bloody phone at 8pm on a Thursday evening!  Jeez. Not that they would tell me anything. They'd probably quote 'Data Protection' or Terror legislation or EU rules or some such bollocks.

If I was religious I'd say a little prayer for the old timer but I'm not so I'll just have to hope the guy makes it and manages to stick around for a bit longer. Life is sweet, after all.

(Update: Visited him in hospital a day later, where he seemed fully recovered)