Bloody 'ell

Test confusion 'risk to patients'
Many junior doctors do not understand common hospital laboratory tests and are putting patients at risk as a result, biochemists have claimed. The Annals of Clinical Biochemistry reports that 18% of more than 80 junior doctors surveyed were happy to order a test they could not fully interpret. The Association for Clinical Biochemistry blamed poor teaching of the subject at medical schools.
It's not just junior doctors. I listened to the practice nurse at my GP surgery inform me a few weeks ago that my blood fats results were not very impressive. It appeared, according to her interpretation of the results that I had liquified lard coursing through my veins whereas, in fact, my results weren't just good they were bloody fantastic but the nurse had got her HDL and LDL cholesterol mixed up. I had a quiet word with my GP suggesting a little re-training might be in order as this nurse was probably frightening the life out of patients on a daily basis.