A real car again

Took the Astra back to the garage today and reclaimed my old MR2. It was damp, noisy and bloody uncomfortable but oh, what a joy after driving that old-aged pensioner's carriage around. Things actually happen the moment you press the accelerator, not 3 seconds later. You don't have to wait until the road is clear for 3 miles before pulling out. It doesn't feel like it's going to tip over when you go round a corner. OK, you can only get two people in it and a very small amount of luggage. That's a problem? The Astra was comfortable, easy to get in and out of, commodious and pretty well drove itself but it was DULL! I've driven like Jesus for the last seven days and I've decided I much prefer something a little more devilish under the bonnet. Vroom! Vroom!