360 days to Christmas

Woo! Over for another year. Lets see: Harry's luggage was lost and didn't arrive until Boxing day. Tom was unwell when he arrived and then had the worst two days of diarrhoea he's ever had. The cat decided that this was the time for it to begin it's final exit from this world. Louise put her neck out and had to find a physio during the Christmas holiday. Will doesn't eat beef and was going to have chicken for Christmas lunch only nobody bought any so he had two well-done sausages instead and now has whatever Tom had.

Merry fucking Christmas!

UPDATE: This is me being cynical. It was wonderful to see my daughter and granddaughter for Christmas, I just wish we'd had more time together and not been surrounded by step-brother sickness and a dying cat! I'm seriously thinking about spending Christmas in some snow covered resort next year. In fact Louise and Marli went to Lapland a couple of years back and had a great time. I need to check it out.